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We get it! It’s called a challenge for a reason. You never know who you might inspire – we heard Diane from high school needs an eco-friendly kick in the pants.

They’ve been leading the hustle to give plastic the boot. Their teams put hours of elbow grease into finding solutions to problems other companies don’t even think about. It’s been inspiring to watch and we’re so grateful for their hard work. Special shout out to Danny, Bernie and Bruce – you boys are legends.

We’re on 
plastic free 

We are already one of the only toilet paper companies that uses mostly paper packaging, but we don’t want to stop there.

In honour of Plastic Free July
, we decided to take on a company-wide challenge to get all the little bits of plastic out of our products by 1 July 2019. To do it, we put a bunch of other projects (pretty important ones) on hold to make this happen as quickly as possible.

Getting rid of plastic sounds simple, right? It’s certainly not rocket science, but it takes a lot of negotiating with warehouses, researching, testing, retesting, surveying, finding new suppliers and hours and hours (and hours) of trial and error.

It was tough, but so worth it. We still have some work to do, but we’re incredibly proud of the progress we've made. This is something that’s been so important to everyone in the company, and we can’t wait to share the next steps of our journey with you!

Meet Brenda and James

We’re busting our bums!

Take the challenge

Plastic takes 1000 years to decompose, which means every piece ever made still exists– yikes! We challenged ourselves to make Who Gives A Crap products plastic free. Now, we’re challenging you to do the same by offering a series of simple plastic free swaps for the next 4 weeks and beyond.

 It’ll be fun, we promise!

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Hold on, you weren’t a plastic free business before?
Our toilet paper is plastic free, but plastic pops up in places you don’t realise could be problematic – like packing tape, for example. Plastic was often the only available option, and we were a small toilet paper company that didn’t have the resources to develop our own solutions. We’re thrilled that we’re now at a place where we can do better.

Hey! I wrote in about plastic, it’s about time.
Thank you! We were 100% inspired by your passion to take on this challenge. This is something that we’ve wanted to do for a long time, but as a growing company, we’ve had to make a lot of tough decisions about priorities. Now we’re in a position to do things differently – because of people like you! You keep us accountable, trust us to do the right thing and support us as we learn and grow. Keep telling us how we can do an even better job. We’re listening!

What products are affected by going plastic free?
Our tissues will no longer have oxo-biodegradable plastic on the tops and our retail 6 packs will be wrapped in paper. All of our products will be shipped with paper packing tape (once we find the right one). If you order more than one box at once, they will no longer be held together by plastic strapping.

How long will it take until I see the changes in my orders? 
You’ll notice some switches immediately! We’ve made these shifts at our factories, but it will take some time to sell through the stock we made already. There’s no exact timeline for that, but we suspect it’ll be within a few months. We're continuing to test different paper tape options, and we're confident we'll have the right tape selected in the next month or two. If you receive a box with paper tape, let us know what you think!

How will I know about future changes?
We’ll update you 
@WhoGivesACrapTP! We’re excited to take you down every curve of this winding road.

I love the new tissue packaging, who do I tell?
Woohoo! We’re so happy you’re happy and we hope you tell your friends! Or let us know 
@WhoGivesACrapTP on Instagram or Facebook.

I don’t like the new tissue packaging, who do I tell?
Fair enough! Our Customer Happiness Team is keen to hear all of your feedback. This is a process, and we need your input for success.

I invented plastic, this is an outrage!
Leo Hendrik Baekeland, is that you? Well done inventing plastic – it’s a revolutionary technology. Still, we think the world has taken single use plastics a bit too far. No hard feelings, eh mate?

More Qs? We want to give you the As!
Give a shout to our Customer Happiness Team for a deeper dive into our plastic free journey.

We challenged ourselves to get rid of the plastic in our products, now we’re challenging you to do the same.

Packing Tape

The challenge: 
Plastic packing tape is durable and our boxes are heavy!

The solve: 
Brenda’s team is researching tons of adhesives, testing two paper tape variations on hundreds of boxes currently shipping and gathering feedback from customers.

The timeline: 
We’ve still got a month or two of testing to do, but we’re hoping to move forward with one of our paper tapes soon!

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Retail 6 packs

The challenge: 
Plastic is the most readily available, affordable and durable packaging for 6 packs (only sold in Australia).

The solve: 
Brenda spearheaded partnering with a new factory to develop a custom paper packaging that would be strong enough to withstand life on a supermarket shelf.

The timeline: 
We're working to finalise the new packaging and will no longer be producing plastic 6-packs within the next few months.

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The challenge:
Plastic at the top of the boxes controls how many tissues come out at once.

The solve: 
Brenda’s team coordinated trial batches of plastic free tissues, sent out thousands of tests and surveyed customers about the experience.

The timeline: 
We aren’t manufacturing any more tissues with plastic! Once we get through current stock, the plastic will be gone for good.

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The challenge: 
Shipping multi-box orders with durable plastic strapping saves shipping costs for customers and allows us to donate more.

The solve: 
James’s team negotiated (and renegotiated!) shipping rates in some regions so strapping is unnecessary. For others, we switched to strapping boxes with paper tape and tested like crazy.

The timeline: 
We are officially done with plastic strapping! For right now, we’re using paper tape. We’re still keeping an eye out for something even better!

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Need moral support?

Now it's your turn

We don’t have all the answers just yet, but we promise to be as transparent as possible about this exciting journey.

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Making plastic history

The nitty gritty

out, plastic



The next steps

We’re still running through old stock and finalising tests, so bits of plastic will still pop up here and there. We’ll continue to update you as we continue our journey.

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We get it! It’s called a challenge for a reason. You never know who you might inspire – we heard Diane from high school needs an eco-friendly kick in the pants.