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Together we can save 27,000 trees

About 98% of the world’s toilet paper is made from cutting down virgin trees – which is pretty crap. That’s why our toilet rolls are made from super soft, 100% recycled paper. Trees are for loving, not wiping!

48 rolls of 100% recycled toilet paper

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What makes this toilet paper so eco-friendly?

Great question! Did you know traditional supermarket toilet paper is made from cutting down trees? It’s one of the main causes of deforestation worldwide. That’s why we make our plastic free rolls with only 100% recycled fibres or bamboo (a grass, not a tree).

Do they feel weird?

Not at all. We’ve made our rolls as luxe as possible – after a wipe and half, you won’t even remember what the other stuff feels like. Besides, helping reduce deforestation feels pretty great, if you ask us.

Ok, but I'm scared of subscriptions.

We’ve all been burned before. But we promise (like double dog pinky promise) we’re incredibly flexible and make it easy for you to cancel at any time. Almost too easy - it’s kind of bad for business.

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The best part

50% of profits donated to water and sanitation charities

Every wipe helps build toilets and water systems for the billions of people in need. Our subscribers have helped us donate millions to date – we’re incredibly proud of this community.

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100% recycled toilet paper

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